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2024.06.24Mixed-method Research Design for a National Longitudinal Study on Child Development2024-05-27
2024.06.18Queer Demography in Japan: Possibilities and Potentialities2024-05-17
2024.06.07Migration and Identity: East Asia and Beyond(The 4th NTUGARC-SNUAC joint migration workshop)2024-05-17
2024.06.06Between ethnonationalism and neoliberalism: the logics of post-war migration and refugee policies in Japan2024-05-06
2024.4.30 Introduction to Social Assistance Systems in Colombia.2024-04-17
2024.05.28 Body Politics on the Market Frontier: Why Monetary Compensation for These (but Not Those)Bodily Donors2024-04-03
2024.04.30Higher Expectations, Greater Disappointment: Feminist Backlash after Park Geun-hye's Impeachment in South Korea2024-03-27
2022.10.03 American Domestic Politics and Its Impact on America's Global Role2022-09-28
Congratulations! Yiting Li Elected as the 33rd Academicians of Academia Sinica2022-07-08
2022 NTU COSS Subsidy for Master’s Students to Attend International Academic Conferences (by June 30)2022-04-15
【Scholarship】Applications for 2022-23 NTU Scholarships for International Students are now open! 2022-04-15
【Scholarship】Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship2022-04-15
UTokyo-NTU Joint Conference 20212021-12-02
List of Winners: 2021-22 NTU Scholarships for International Students2021-06-22
2021.4.28【Speech】Speech on Vocalization and Speech Skills for Teaching Purpose2021-04-14
Applications for 2021-22 NTU Scholarships for International Students are open (by May 7)2021-03-30
2021.4.15【Lecture】Fugitive Subjects of Secret Doctors and Un/seen Laboring Intimacies of Illegal Alliances2021-03-23
2021.3.22【Forum】 Forum on International Academic Collaboration and Participation in Social Sciences Fields2021-03-05
2021.3.4【Forum】 Forum on Writing and Publishing Scholarly Monographs in Social Sciences Fields2021-02-18
2021.3.2【Lecture】Peripheries and Mutual Aid under the COVID-19 Pandemic2021-02-18
2021.01.20【Speech】Speech on Presentation Skills and Slides Design for Teaching Purpose2021-01-06
2020.12.28【Speech】Speech on Mindfulness and Mandala Art Therapy2020-12-21
2020.12.23【Forum】 Forum on Publishing Scholarly Work in Social Science Journals2020-12-14
2020.12.10【Speech】Speech on Common Emotional Distress in Campus2020-12-01
2020.12.09【Lecture】Maid to Queer2020-12-01
2020.11.26【Lecture】Care and International Migration: Comparing Migrant Care Worker Policies in Taiwan and South Korea2020-11-13
2020.11.24【Forum】Forum on Applying Research Projects in Social Sciences Fields2020-11-13
2020.11.03【Lecture】A Price to Pay? How autocratization in Thailand drives anti-establishment protests2020-10-20
2020.10.08【Lecture】Book Launch: 《Family Migration and the Path to an Occupation: The (Early) Experiences of Skilled Taiwanese and Chinese “Wives”》2020-09-28
【Scholarship】List of winners 2020-21 NTU Scholarships for International Students2020-08-12
2020.07.22【Lecture】Digital Innovations for Collaborative Governance: Data, Cyberinfrastructure,and Artificial Intelligence2020-07-03
Pacific Economic Review Call for Paper2020-06-19
2020.06.23【Lecture】Governed by the housing market: The obstacles of homeowner society in Taiwan from an East Asian comparative perspective2020-06-12
2020.06.22【Lecture】Camera, light, action? Using action research with people who are reluctant to act :The case of invasive alien species.2020-06-11
2020.06.02【Lecture】The Promise of Legalization? Assessing Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Law from the Perspective of LGBT Families2020-05-18
Applications for 2020-21 NTU Scholarships for International Students are open (by May 8)2020-03-30
2019.12.12【Lecture】Yesterday, Tibet; Today, Hong Kong: Imperial Frontier, State Territory, and Constitutional Imaginary2019-11-27
2019.11.27【Lecture】Screening Taiwan Soft Power: Film Festivals in and about Taiwan2019-11-14
2019.11.09【Lecture】Comparative Perspectives on Indigenous Rights, Extractive Industries and Private Property2019-10-31
[Call for presentations] Joint Research Workshop on Experimental Social Sciences2019-10-24
2019.10.30【Lecture】Central Banking: Bridging the Gap Between Theories and Practices2019-10-18
2019.10.28 #Metoo in East Asia- The International forum2019-10-08
2019.10.17/10.24【Lecture】Does Our Country Need the Basic Law of Social Welfare?2019-10-08
2019.10.07 【Lecture】An Encyclopedia of Pathologies in Science & Using Research Policy as a lens on High Impact Research2019-09-27
2019.10.05 【Lecture】Emotion in Knowledge Production: The “Chinese IR Theory” Debate Revisited2019-09-27
Applications for 2019 College of Social Sciences Scholarship for International Students are open (9/19-10/8)2019-09-19
2019.09.10 Violence Against Women and The Roles of Social Workers: Indonesia's Experience2019-09-05
2019.09.18 佔領運動能否抵抗中國霸權?--何明修新書發表暨香港局勢剖析/討論2019-08-28
2019.09.26 Hu Fu Lecture-人工智能與未來社會2019-08-28
2019.09.26— V-Dem and State of the World in 2019: Democracy Facing Global Challenges2019-08-28
2019.09.24 跨界互動:馬來西亞和印尼的回族移動,空間創生和宗教活動2019-08-28
Visiting of Prof. Bernard Yeung and Prof. Wei-Jun Jean Yeung-2016.09.282018-10-06
Kuo-Chun Yeh, Professor of National Development,publishes "The impact of 2007-08 financial crisis on the stability and enlargement of the EMU"2017-09-22
Hong Hwang, Professor of Economics, publishes "Innovation, Imitation and Intellectual Property Rights in Developing Countries"2017-06-12
Hong Hwang, Professor of Economics, publishes "Specific vs. Ad Valorem Strategic Export Subsidies with Taxation Distortion"2017-06-08
Yi-Chan Tsai, Professor of Economics, publishes "What Do Working Capital and Habit Tell Us about the Co-movement Problem?"2017-05-25
Ming-Sho Ho, Professor of Sociology, publishes "Making an Opportunity: Strategic Bipartisanship in Taiwan’s Environmental Movement"2017-05-11
Congratulations to Professor Hwa-Jen Liu from Department of Sociology for Receiving "The Fifth Academia Sinica Scholarly Monograph Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences"2016-12-08
Prof. Chih-yu Shih :China’s Quest for Grand Strategy: Power, National Interest, or Relational Security?2016-11-18
2016.11.15 Institute of Public Affairs: Visiting Social Enterprise Hub2016-11-18
Academician Yun-han Chu was elected to the area of Social and Economic Sciences.2016-11-18
【New Faculty】Assistant Professor.Dejar in Department of Economics2016-11-07
2016.10.20 I-Sian Lecture: AI Robot and Smart Life, by Professor LC Fu2016-10-20
Gender Quotas in Taiwan: The Impact of Global Diffusion2016-09-07
The Role of Life Insurance in an Emerging Economy: Human Capital Protection, Assets Allocation, and Social Interaction2016-09-07
The choice between standard and non-standard FDI production strategies for Taiwanese multinationals2016-08-10
German Politician Ms. Bärbel Höhn Attends the International Forum Organized by the Risk Society and Policy Research Center2016-07-22
Visitation by Representatives of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, University of Malaya – 25 May 20162016-06-02
Dr. Oshimura Takashi of Aoyama Gakuin University Visits NTU COSS2016-05-19
Economist Mr. Yukihito Sato Visited Public Economic Policy Research Center2016-05-12
[2016 PKU DAY @ NTU] Forum on Cross-Strait Politics and Governance2016-04-08
Pursuing a Professional Graduate Degree in International Affairs2015-11-12
Delegation visit from School of Social Sciences, Waseda University, Japan2015-11-05
​Delegation visit from Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University, U.K.2015-10-29
Taiwan Institutions and Economic History Association Founding Meeting2015-10-17
NTU-UT Joint Summer Program Final Presentation2015-09-24
East Asian Junior Workshop:Kyoto University-Seoul National University-National Taiwan University2015-09-01