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Incoming exchange students


Important Dates


Fall entry

Spring entry

Nomination deadlines

March 15

October 15

Application deadlines

March 31

October 31

Admission notification



Online course registration

Mid August

Mid January

Student arrival dates

Late August

Early February

International student orientation 

Early September

Early February

Academic year




National Taiwan University
College of Social Sciences
No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei 10617, Taiwan

International  Affairs Coordinator

Ms. Shiau-ying Hung (洪曉盈)
Phone: +886 2 33668434



  • Applicants must be full-time students who are currently enrolled in an institution with which College of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University (NTU COSS) has a valid student exchange agreement (list). 
  • Applicants must have completed 1-year undergraduate study or obtained a recognized bachelor’s degree or equivalent before commencing their exchange at NTU COSS. 
  • Applicants must be international students without Taiwanese citizenship. 
  • Applicants can choose to study for one semester or one full academic year in NTU COSS, while Chinese citizens are advised to apply for one-semester exchange unless otherwise approved by the relevant authorities.


Each of our partner institutions has its own screening procedures. If you are interested in this exchange program, please first contact the student exchange coordinator of your home institution. Applications without official nomination will NOT be accepted.


Students are required to complete application online (link will be dispatched to nominated students automatically by the application system), with the following documents provided (all in electronic copy): 

  • Official transcripts (in Chinese or English)
  • Certificate of Enrollment at home university
  • Copy of the identification page of your passport
  • One A4 page statement of purpose/ study plan (in Chinese or English)
  • ID photo

Academic and Language Requirements

  • Our partner universities will be responsible for the selection of students who wish to participate in this exchange program.
  • NTU COSS DOESN’T require Chinese proficiency from incoming exchange students. Exchange students can attend NTU’s credit-bearing general Chinese courses as complementary studies during the exchange period in addition to courses in their own field of study.
  • NTU COSS DOESN’T require English proficiency either. However, it is advised that incoming exchange 2 students have good communication skills in English if they do not speak any Chinese. NTU sets a graduation threshold of iBT 79 or IELTS 6 for local NTU students, so this is the suggested level of English proficiency for applicants.


  • Tuition fee is waived for incoming exchange students from our partner institutions with tuition waiver agreement.
  • Incoming exchange students shall be responsible for the expenses for their own food, accommodation, travel, books, transportation, passports, visas, insurance, and personal expenses.
  • Students who would like to apply are advised to estimate the cost first using this form.

Departments of NTU COSS*

  • Department of Political Science
    • Sub-division of Political Theory
    • Sub-division of International Relations
    • Sub-division of Public Administration
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Social Work
  • Graduate Institute of National Development
  • Graduate Institute of Journalism#
  • Graduate Institute of Public Affairs#

*Students should select a department based on their field of study at the home institution.
# PhD programs are not available.

Course Outline

  • Course information can be located at the following website (for reference only, course lists will be finalized one month before each semester starts):
  • All NTU courses are opened to exchange students subject to fulfillment of prerequisites, availability of seats, timetabling as well as approval of home institutions, relevant academic departments, and especially, instructors. Use this search guide to help you find courses you want.
  • Demand could be high for some popular courses. Students are advised to be flexible with their course selection.
  • Look here for past courses conducted in English by NTU College of Social Sciences.

Learning Expectations

  • All incoming exchange students are advised to enroll in courses equivalent to 6 NTU credits (=12 ECTS in principle). They must also fulfill related requirements of their home institutions.
  • Students who wish to work on research under the supervision of an NTU faculty member must approach the potential supervisor on their own. NTU will not assign a supervisor to an exchange student.
  • Each unit of credit usually corresponds to one hour of lecture or seminar (10-minute break included) per week for 16 weeks (examination period included). Most courses in NTU carry 2-3 units.
  • The main medium of instruction in NTU is Chinese. There are about 80 courses offered in English by NTU COSS per academic year (click here for detail). Incoming exchange students with an average or solid foundation in Chinese are welcome to take courses taught in Chinese along with our local students. Students are recommended to take general Chinese language courses even they choose to be instructed mainly in English.
  • Grading may include one or a combination of the following: attendance, class participation, term-paper(s), oral presentation, written or take home examinations.
  • If an exchange student cannot stay until the end of the scheduled examination period, he or she must inform the instructor at the beginning of the term.
  • Transcripts will be mailed to the home institution approximately 4 weeks after examinations.

General Chinese Courses

  • All general Chinese courses, regardless of the level, are free of charge for incoming exchange students.
  • All general Chinese courses are credit-bearing, and can be counted as part of the required minimum credits.
  • Placement tests are compulsory even for zero-beginners. Your Chinese placement test results will appear on the NTU course selection system one week after the placement test. There is no need to select general Chinese courses on the course selection system during the course pre-registration period.
  • For more information, please click HERE.

Off-Campus Housing

  •  From AY2020-21, on-campus housing is no longer reserved for exchange students prior to their arrival. Students need to arrange accommodation by themselves, as those who come to learn Chinese at NTU. Check out here the most used home rental services by NTU’s non-degree seeking students:
  • Many students choose to arrange their temporary stay on Airbnb first before moving to a suitable home. If they do not mind paying service fee, they can also go to one of the estate agencies and ask an agent to accompany them for home viewing. Their NTU buddy may also be able to help out (if he or she is willing to, because they work voluntarily and has no obligation with this matter).
  • Mold caused by high humidity, and mild ground and wall cracks caused by earthquakes are very common in Taiwan’s homes, and on-campus housing is no exception. Local Taiwanese people live peacefully with them unless they are too bad. Students are advised to raise their budget to at least TWD20,000 per month if they are looking for a home completely free of these problems. They should also do some research on Taiwan’s housing online and note down the common problems they really care about to help sort out suitable choices.

On-Campus Housing (not available by default)

  • Nominees can still submit on-campus housing application together with their admission application, but the assignment is determined completely by lottery. The odds are about one out of six. Students who win the lottery will be accommodated at NTU Prince House:
  • There are 4 room types available: En suite (TWD10,100 per month), Single Room (TWD8,210 per month), Double Room (TWD5,370 per month), and Triple Room (TWD4,840 per month). Students are not guaranteed their housing preference noted during the application.
  • Electricity and laundry are not included in the rental.
  • It is NOT possible for students to choose their roommates. Male and female rooms are separate in all NTU dormitories.
  • Before entering Taiwan, incoming exchange students should apply for a Visitor Visa (one-semester exchange) or Resident Visa (full-year exchange) with the Taiwanese Embassy or Mission in their country of residence. NTU COSS will mail an official acceptance letter necessary for visa application.
  • The maximum duration of stay the Visitor Visa permits is 90 days; therefore, all Visitor Visa holders wishing to stay for at least 1 semester must apply for an extension at least once. Visitor Visa extension must be applied for within 15 days of their current visa’s expiration date.
  • Students on full-year exchange will have to change their Resident Visa to Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) at the National Immigration Agency within 15 days of their arrival in Taiwan. The ARC is valid for the duration of their studies.
  • It is students’ own responsibility to obtain an appropriate visa prior to their arrival in Taiwan.
  • Chinese citizens will have to apply for an Entry Permit through the assistance of NTU COSS.

!!! Special warning: Chinese students will not be able to leave Taiwan in the middle of the whole exchange
period as the local law only allows us to apply for the single-entry permit for exchange students from China.
So students are advised to think carefully before they apply.

  • All incoming exchange students must provide a proof of accident and medical insurance EACH worth a minimum of TWD1,000,000 (approx. USD 34,000) valid for the entire exchange period in order to be officially registered. NTU COSS or the university will not offer a student insurance plan.
  • All incoming exchange students must take a health exam by a qualified doctor and complete each examination listed on the NTU Incoming Exchange/Visiting Students Health Exam Form. Failure to provide a qualified health exam report will delay registration.
  • Note that the health exam form for Resident Visa application and the NTU health form are not to be usedinterchangeably. Take both forms to the hospital and request to have both forms filled out.

Taiwan's entry policies can change in response to the latest international situation. We will provide sufficient pre-departure information before students enter Taiwan to ensure their smooth arrival.