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I-Sian Lecture

To help NTU students gain deeper understanding of current affairs in Taiwan, embrace a global vision, and apply theories to real-world issues, Mr. Chong Cheng-Hong, an alumnus from COSS Department of Economics, endowed the "I-Sian Lecture-Political and Economic Issues in Taiwan and Resolving Strategies" starting from Fall Semester of 2014. In this Lecture program, each class is chaired by distinguished alumni, entrepreneurs, or scholars, and they share with students the theories and practices pertaining to a broad range of issues. A total of 329 students joined this newly inaugurated course in 2014, showing great enthusiasm. So we have decided to expand the course in 2015, covering an even broader range of subjects, including psychology, higher education, energy, economic development, health care, M-shaped society, science and technology, fiscal issues, land justice, leadership and management, industrial development, justice, innovation, humanities, constitutional reform, cross-strait relations, and so on.
In fact Mr. Chong Cheng-Hong has for many years endowed a scholarship for COSS (敦品勵學獎學金). This scholarship aims to support outstanding COSS students on foreign exchange or internship programs. Through exchanging with foreign students and learning about local cultures, societies, and economics, students can develop a global perspective and social conscience. Scholars recipients also join the I-Sian Lecture to share with their peers their exchange experiences.