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【Scholarship】Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship

Description on Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship

Dear Student,

First of all, only graduate students admitted 2021-22 (excluding overseas Chinese and Mainland Chinese) are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

This is a matching fund scholarship comprised of tuition waiver from the university and research assistant salary from the student’s thesis/dissertation supervisor. Grantees will be waived NTU’s tuition, and receive monthly payment from the supervisor. The minimum monthly payment for master students is TWD6000/m for 2 years, and for PhD students TWD8000/m for 3 years (before tax). Students need to pass review each year in order to keep receiving the scholarship.

Eligible students are welcome to start approaching professors who may be willing to offer the funding. Ask the professor who agrees to sponsor to sign the attached word form and submit it to Ms. Hung of the College office by May 31, 2022. If the approached professor would like to raise questions, feel free to share the contact information of the person in charge below:

洪曉盈 Ms. HUNG, SHIAU-YING (Sheila)

Tel: +886 2 3366-8434