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Graduate Institute of Public Affairs

Graduate Institute of Public Affairs

The Graduate Institute of Public Affairs is a multidisciplinary graduate institute. We aim to foster deeper interests in public affairs among students and to engage the world with critical public policy challenges. With experiences of public sector, non-profit organizations, and diverse disciplines, including law, finance, environmental politics and information science, our faculty offers broad perspectives and areas of expertise.


On response to the highly competitive and rapidly changing world, we not only continue the fundamental research on policy planning and evaluation, as well as government budgeting and public finance. We also devote resources to studying environmental policy, human resource management, and local governance. In the face of the digital age, the Institute has also recruited multiple exports to study the issue of science and technology policy, and digital governance.

Feature Program

GIPA consists of 11 full-time faculties and 4 part-time faculties. We recruit approximately 16 domestic master student, and 6 over overseas and international students every year.

Program Goals

At the Graduate Institute of Public Affairs, you can acquire concrete skills to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Our program is designed to develop leadership skills to make a difference in government, private, and nonprofit sectors.


Research Areas

Research Areas

Alumni Employment StatusAlumni Employment Status

Every year, the GIPA graduates outstanding alumni. After graduation, about 41%of students have worked in the government, 25% of students entered the private and business sector, 4%joined nonprofits, and 17% studied abroad. GIPA has been growing a strong alumni network in Taiwan.

Domestic Impact

Our faculty participates and plays a leading role in government projects, which provide students many opportunities to gain practical experiences.

Technology and Governance

If you are curious about the use of information and communication technologies in public governance and public services, we have broad research areas that include but are not limited to: big data, open government, AI and public services, social media adoption and e-participation. Our faculties have research interests including citizen participation, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, social media and effects in public sectors, big data analysis, and open data.

Environmental Sustainability

If you are passionate about the environment, but also want a broader background in policy, governmental law, public and nonprofit management, consider majoring in public administration. Our program has world class faculty who play essential roles in environmental protection, renewable energy, and environment management.

Regional and Local Governance

Are you interested in understanding a variety of factors influencing the way and extent to which governance has been decentralized to regional, state, and local Government? Our center of local governance has conducted governance research to understand the development of democracy and local development, public engagement, urban development, regional economic development, cross-sectoral collaboration, and policy diffusions.



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