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Graduate Institute of Journalism

Graduate Institute of Journalism

Established in 1991, the institute abides by the educational principle of “learning by doing”. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking through practicing journalistic standards and upholding journalistic values. To earn a master’s degree, a student may choose to write a thesis or to write an in-depth news report.

Graduate Institute of Journalism


Our mission in to cultivate journalism professionals and to advance the development of journalism and mass communication. Through the design of small classes and team work, students learn about news writing, in depth reporting, multimedia reporting, digital editing, as well as other practical skills.

Research Results

Research ResultsResearch ResultsResearch ResultsResearch Results


Student Exchange Programs

The institute has been engaging for many years in academic cooperation and student exchange programs with the interfaculty initiative in Information Studies at the University of Tokyo and the School of Journalism at Fudan University.

Chinese Research Alliance

The institute collaborates with the School of Television and Journalism at the Communication University of China, the School of Journalism at Fudan University, and the Department of Media and Communication at the City University of Hong Kong to form the Chinese Research Alliance on Journalism and Communication, which regularly organizes symposia, alternating between different cities every year, for graduate students to present research results and share new ideas.

Global Media Connection

To broaden students’ visions, the institute keeps  close contact with global media, including the New York Times, AI Jazeera Network, and Bloomberg News. For example, the institute has established internship programs with these media. In addition, an in-house journalist program allows students to work closely with renowned international journalists.

Digital journalism Workshops

The institute organizes digital journalism workshops, inviting international journalists to share new views and trends with local journalists. Students are also able to join these workshops to keep their views and skills up to date.



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