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Graduate Institute of National Development

Graduate Institute of National Development

Founded in 1974, the Institute’s research and teaching profiles feature two disciplines; “Globalization and Technology Governance”, foucusing on the new risks and changes at all levels of society brought about by globalization; and “China and East Asian Studies”, focusing on the changing dynamics in East Asia eiwht emphasis on the impact of China’s rise in the region. The Institute emphasizes inter-disciplinary research across humanities and social sciences.

Education Goals

Cultivating social scientists possessing independent thinking, social responsibility, a sound character, and global view through a theoretical framework of national development and governance, advanced interdisciplinary research across the fields of globalization, technology governance, China studies, and East Asian studies.

Core Abilities

Mastering core abilities to research and teach how the nation-state and society develop under conditions of globalization and advancing innovation in governance and society through academic research.

Current Enrollment:

current enrollment

Research Results

Research results

Emphasize Interdisciplinary Research

Cross the boundaries between fields in the social sciences, conduct education and research in an interdisciplinary manner.

Policy-oriented research

Value the policy-oriented content of academic research, build a bridge between academic research and policy.

Journal of National Development Studies

Publish scholarly periodical and provide a platform for presentation academic research.



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