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Department of Economics

Department of Economics

About us

With its well-known history, The Department of Economics, National Taiwan University (NTU) has been the cultivator of Taiwan’s leader in the field of economics and finance. Our alumni are known for their outstanding performance in industries, academic and public sectors. Our undergraduate, master, PhD and executive master programs admit approximately 120, 50, 5-10 and 20-30 applicants annually. We are one of the most popular department that students from other department manage to transfer, minor or double major.

Educational Objectives:

Cultivate outstanding economists who possess professional knowledge, independent thought, moral character, humanity and global vision.

Core Capabilities:

A. analytical ability
B. a professional knowledge of economics
C. the ability to think critically
D. the ability to communicate and express oneself

Composition of Economics Department student:

Composition of Economics Department student

Academic Research

Research in our department covers many important fields in economics, include but not limited to: Microeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic and Monetary Theory, Applied Micro & Big data, International Economics, Experimental Economics, Industrial Economics, Neuro-economics, and Institution & Economic History.

John A. List


The quality and depth of our faculty is the reason our department’s academic reputation far exceeds the economic departments of other schools.


We offer the greatest variety of courses, including an ever-growing number of courses taught in English.

Art editor ImgOverseas Education Opportunities

There are numerous other overseas education opportunities though University’s student exchange programs and dual-degree programs.

International ActivitiesInternational Activities

We regularly hold international academic conferences and invite world-renowned foreign scholars. We also encourage our faculty to visit and lecture in foreign schools and to attend international conferences.


Our publication “Taiwan Economic Review” (TER) is one of the most prominent economics journals in Taiwan.



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