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Department of Sociology

This is an imageDepartment of Sociology

The Department of Sociology at National Taiwan University holds a profound commitment to social equality and distribution justice, and instills these core values throughout the Department’s solid theoretical and empirical trainings. Anchored by the traditions of critical inquiry and solving problems, our faculty and students have never been absent in the social movements fighting against inequality and the abuse of power.
The Department encourages students to have the courage to voice opinions that may differ from the mainstream perspective. Students are trained with the ability to critically inquire and challenge about the existing social norms and institutions, and to further explore various possibilities for a better society. Such critical thinking is indispensable for innovations and creativity in virtually all aspects of occupations and jobs.

The Department of Sociology consists of undergraduate, master and doctoral programs. The undergraduate study focuses on sociology theories, research
This is an imagemethods, and subfields of social and cultural life. The goal is to train students to apply this basic knowledge to understanding daily lives and social phenomenon. The graduate programs equip students with professional skills and knowledge, so that they can independently collect data and analyze issues. All graduates of our Department are trained to develop independent, critical thinking as well as social and cultural analytical skills.

With the proliferation of Internet and mobile applications, sociological researchers also study the influence of technology on our societies. As more and more knowledge rely upon Big Data, the most important thing is how to interpret the results from data-mining about how human interact, behave,   or even think. By studying sociological knowledge, we believe that we help to supply much-needed perspectives. Currently, many communication-related businesses have high demand for talents with sociological expertise, training, and most importantly, perspectives to facilitate ways of understanding of huge amount of 
This is an imageinformation. More graduates from sociology major are expected to enter this new and exciting field.

The impact of Department of Sociology is not limited to those taking it as major. It is estimated that a quarter of NTU students have at least taken Introduction to Sociology, before leaving school. This is designed to inspire students from various major to be endowed with basic skills in social analysis. According to our graduate career survey, half of our students work in the government or non-profit sectors. A quarter of our students work in cultural and mass communications-related industries. Another  quarter  of our students work in industries that require the sociology training and skills, particularly the market research sectors and human resource departments. Some NTU Sociology Ph.D. graduates become the faculty or researchers in prominent universities and research institutions.
As a department in a public university, the Department of Sociology encourages our students to be aspired to advance the society’s general well- being, to have concerns for public interest, and to promote social consensus.
Department of Sociology, NTU
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